Black and White Camera+

Black and White Camera+ is a great photo app for all photographers who love back and white photography. Capture with Black and White Camera+ to turn your images into nice black & white photos. It is possible to to create High Resolution images. You can use a timer and a big button function, which  turns you whole screen into the shootbutton. A function are multi-shot mode.


FocusNow is a iPhone simple photo app with two function. The first one is to create photo’s with a blurry background so you get a photo similar to DSLR-camera’s.
The second is function is that you can make the background black and white.
If you are looking for a simple app FocusNow is a good app for you. If you are looking for a more professional apps FocusNow isn’t what you are looking for.

100 Cameras in 1 for iPad

100 Cameras in 1 for iPad is a photo app that stand out. It create 100 version of one photo in a second. Just sweep trough the different photo’s, pick one you like and make some extra adjustments to it. It is easy to use, fast and fun. You can work with existing images or with your new photo’s. This app uses a predictive algorithm to guess which way you will swipe the image next so that the upcoming effects load instantly. It supports photo upto 2000×2000 pixels. And you can share using email, Twitter, Facebook, SmugMug, Flickr and Instagram.

HDR Photo Camera

A simple to use photo app to create HDR photo’s with your iPad or iPhone. This app shots three photo. One with normal exposure, one under exposed and one over exposed. And creates one HDR image of those three photo’s. So you get a higher dynamic range. It is also possible to shot in bracking mode and single mode.


Luminance is a powerful photo editing app available for iPad and iPhone. The power of Luminance lays in the fact that you have complete control to fine-tune your images. All the important tools for photographers are there. White balance, Exposure, Brightness/Contrast, Hue/Saturation and Tone Curve. Get started with one of the many presets and fine-tune with one of the adjustments. The layout of luminance is clean and looks like a stripped version of Lightroom.
With History you are able to see and undo the changes you’ve made to your photo. With this photo app you can also share your photos on twitter and facebook.


PictureShow is a photo app with some really nice features.
The HDR-effect helps you to get correct your image that are to bright or to dark in some areas. The degree of the HDR-effect can be adjusted with the control slide.
Shuffle lets you create a image with one click. The shuffle mode takes random effects so you’ll get a surprising photo’s.

Lens kit  give you 5 lens types where each lens gives you a unique style. With the Preset Fliters you can use mix and create some cool filter effects. The Tiltshift Lens effect give you the ability to create the famous effect with a few clicks.
Some other nice features are cropping, social sharing and most of all the interface works really well. This photo app works smooth and well


Snapseed is a great app from Nik Software available for ipad and iphone.

It has some great features to improve your photos. The control point technic works fast and simple, but very effectieve.
The effects in this photo app makes it a real nice tool. Drama, Vintage, grunge and more effects to enhance your photos. Facebook sharing is included in snapseed so you can easily share your photos with friends.

Aperture can import photo’s from iPad

Aperture is apple’s photo manegement system for photographers. With the 3.02 Release is is now possible to import photo to Aperture from your iPad. It is also possible to sync Aperture with your iPad. But why? As the iPad has now camera it seems a useless feature. But in combination with a Apple’s  iPad Camera Connection Kit it makes the iPad more and more the perfect tool on the road. Backup photo’s will shotting. How know that the next iPad will have a SD-card reader.