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5 Apps better than Zoom

5 apps better that zoom

We know that meeting apps are awesome, talking of the Zoom app too! but Do you think of what other meeting apps are there in the market? NO! We have done that for you. So, here we are presenting 5 Apps better than Zoom

Quest for a Zoom Alternative?. Lots and many individuals want apps for Video Conferencing to help with hand raising, whiteboarding, and presentations, and many features same to Zoom app or more!!

In this article, we Assembled a variety of applications for Video Conferencing that reviewers voted strongest overall when against Zoom and these Apps are better than Zoom.

So, let’s enjoy the article cultivated with love only for you and you! Don’t smile, we have no choices… JOKING!

In the next couple of minutes, see how Zoom stacks up to the competition, test ratings from current & previous users, and find the simplest match for your company, supported the reviewer info. Don’t worry Its not History!

Since video conferencing isn’t new, for some guys it may! #corona there are several other solutions on the market that will meet your demand.

Why Apps better than Zoom?

Why Apps better than Zoom?

As video conferencing continues to become a standard option for organizations and corporations to arrange and host meetings, the necessity to settle on the proper video conferencing device emerges.

And while Zoom remains one among the favored video conferencing apps, the safety quality of the software has recently been brought into doubt, which has also impacted customer trust within the application, leading them to look for a feasible alternative thereto.

Also, there some people confusing this with the Chinese app (IDK why? maybe they don’t have internet access.. wait but .. Leave it!!!). So if you are looking for alternatives to Zoom, here’s an inventory of the simplest apps worth finding out for video conferencing.

5 Apps better than Zoom List

5 Apps better than Zoom List
Apps better than Zoom List

Google Hangouts Meet is out there freed from charge for all G Suite users until Dominion Day with features like up to 250 participants per call, live streaming for up to 100,000 viewers within a website.

And therefore the ability to record and save meetings on Google Drive. you’ll connect that to your Slack also.So… done that’s it! Finish! Ohh.. maybe there is more to share! here we go…

Cisco Webex Meetings

Cisco Webex Meetings
Cisco Webex Meetings

The Cisco offers free access to its Webex Meetings altogether countries where they’re available during the coronavirus outbreak to support the work from home needs.

Despite being available as free, additionally to the Voice-over – Internet-Protocol (VoIP) capabilities, you’ll receive all enterprise features including unlimited use with no time restrictions, support for up to 100 participants, and a toll dial-in.

To urge started with the Webex Meetings all you would like is to check in on the Cisco Webex portal.

Overall, Cisco ‘s offered experience as compared with Zoom is nowhere limited.

Webex may be a videoconferencing software that has been running since the 1990s; purchased in 2007 by Cisco.

While it’s been known primarily as a business application and continues to specialize in serving businesses, it does have a reasonably generous free version worth finding out.

Also broadened the functionality of the freemium edition from 50 to 100 users for the newest disaster, got obviate the 40-minute meeting maximum, and introduced call-in capabilities.


  • Up to 100 people attended
  • Timing of every meeting unlimited
  • Audio Call-In
  • Join and present from any meeting, event, or training session
  • Hands-free voice commands using Google Assistant & Google Home Hub
  • Seamless joining directly from the calendar
  • customizable widget
  • Schedule meetings
  • Playback recordings directly using the app
  • Customizable video layouts
  • Share your screen to everyone
  • Blur and virtual background
  • Raised hands participant list filter

Skype Meet Now

Skype Meet Now
Skype Meet Now

Microsoft recently introduced Skype Meet Now to users who do not have to travel with a highly enterprise-focused solution like Cisco Webex which is an alternate to Zoom.

This operates without the need for an account and helps up to 50 users-all freed from charge.

you’ll also get apps just like the choice to archive messages, blur context before joining the decision, and therefore the sharing of screens.

Additionally, to start out with Skype Meet Now, you merely got to visit the dedicated website.

Since the beta was released in 2003, Skype has been the go-to platform for one-on-one conversations.

Also Meet Now feature (accessed by selecting the “Meet Now” button on the left side of the app) allows video conferencing; counting on the web site, the utmost number of participants may vary counting on your platform and device.

There’s also a separate page that permits you to make a free video meeting without actually signing up for the service.

However, using the app, you get more features, so if you’re okay to check in for a free account, you ‘re happier doing that.


  • Register your call up to 30 days
  • Can blur the background (if the app is on)
  • Connect introductions
  • Video calls
  • Chat
  • SMS Connect
  • Share: Send photos and videos
  • Save shared photos and videos to your camera roll
  • Share your screen
  • Voice calls
  • Express yourself : conversations with emotions

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams

If you do not just need a solution for creating video calls, then you’ll check out Microsoft Teams. During the pandemic it is also available for free of charge .

In addition, the free version offers unrestricted talk and browses, community and one-on-one audio and video calls, and 10 GB of team file storage, alongside 2 GB of private file storage per user.

Also, If you have already got an Office 365 account, you’ll communicate with Workplace Web apps, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote, in real-time.

In addition, Microsoft Teams was obviously built as a competitor to Slack. Because it’s a part of the Microsoft ecosystem of applications, it’s an honest idea if you would like to, say, collaborate on various Office documents.

Currently, Microsoft is offering a free version of a Team that has videoconferencing.

One hint: once you check-in, and it asks you ways you would like to use Teams, don’t pick the choice “For friends and family.” it’ll just route you to Skype.


  • Can easily manage team’s projects with tools like file editing and sharing
  • Connect face-to-face with HD audio and video
  • Chat privately in groups, and can communicate the entire team in one go!
  • Tag individual team members, or the whole team at once, for special attention!
  • Focus on what matters most by saving important conversations and customizing notifications
  • Search chats and team conversations to quickly find things you need
  • Have enterprise-level security with compliance that you expect from Office 365

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts
Google Hangouts

If for any reason you do not want to use Discord, you’ll choose Google Hangouts which is additionally an honest, free alternative to Zoom.

Also, Make video calls with up to 10 attendees, or chat with up to 150 directly.

Google often allows you to host video calls or use a mobile app to talk together with your coworkers through text messages.

Furthermore, Hangouts, being a Google product, only requires your Gmail account to allow you to off. you’ll even be ready to increase the limit for video calls to up to 25 participants if you’re hospitable paying.

If you don’t want to attend for Meet to point out up for Gmail users, Google Hangouts (the “classic” version) remains available, although the corporate isn’t promoting it, especially to G Suite users and company customers, who are being encouraged to use Meet.

So, All that being said, if you’re feeling old-fashioned, you’ll use Hangouts to video chat with up to 10 people.

There aren’t tons of additional features. you’ll add text messages and share screens, but that’s about it. Still, if you would like quick and straightforward, this is often worth finding out.


  • Up to 10 participants
  • Voice conversations and up to 150 participants
  • Include all contacts and group chats for up to 150 people
  • Exiting conversation features:
    • messages
    • photos
    • videos
    • maps
    • emoji
    • stickers
    • animated GIFs
  • Turn any conversation into a free group video call with up to 10 contacts
  • Call any phone number in the world and all calls to other Hangouts users are free!
  • Connect your Google Voice account for phone calling, SMS texting, and voicemail integration
  • Keep in touch with contacts across Android, iOS, and the web, and sync chats across all your devices
  • Message contacts anytime, even if offline they are!

Google meet

Google meet
Google meet

Until recently, only educators and anyone subscribing to Google’s paid program, G Pack, had access to Google App (formerly the Hangouts App).

Google has announced that it’ll make Meet available to users of its free Gmail service starting in early May.

(As is that the custom of Google, it’ll roll out the service over several weeks, so it’s going to take a while until it reaches your account.)

In addition, Once Meetout, video chatting with colleagues, friends, and family should be an easy way — assuming all of them have Google accounts, which may be a requirement for both hosts and attendees.

To start, simply attend Meet, click on “Join or start a gathering,” provides a name to the meeting (if you wish), and send your invitations.

Google Calendar also helps you to rearrange a gathering, and Google provides a variety of security measures like the choice to simply accept or refuse access.


  • Unlimited meeting time to 30 September
  • Up to 100 people attended
  • Host unlimited high-definition video meetings
  • Meet safely: video meetings are encrypted in transit and proactive anti-abuse measures help keep your meetings safe
  • Easy access: share link and invited guests can join with one click desktop web browser or the Google Meet mobile app
  • Share screen to present documents, slides
  • Follow along with real-time captions powered by Google speech-to-text technology



The app emerged as a strong alternative to Zoom, because of its video conferencing capabilities that allow you to attach with up to 50 directly.

In addition, the platform is common with gamers, but you’ll use it as a resource to attach together with your office team or some mates.

you’ll also use your smartphone to download its mobile app to attach to your contacts.

There are options for exchanging the phone or making voice calls, too. Also, unlike other free Zoom replacements, It offers online video conferencing at no discount.

To urge going together with your virtual conferences you only got to check in on the Discord platform or via the software.


  • Organized text channels
  • Plan your whole game strategy!
  • Voice channels make the easy conference
  • Reliable tech
  • Low latency voice and video feel
  • Can wave hello over the video
  • watch friends stream their games
  • Turn the image into custom emojis and share
  • Share anything from a funny video latest group photos

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