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When You Need Old Wisdom – Atomic Habits Book Review

Although by specification, we’re an app-based site. But we also like to peak a little bit into the ancient source of wisdom. More specifically, books. Put it simply, a book provides knowledge like no other medium can. You literally cannot turn off a book. It remains with you, always eager to fill up your mind with fascinating ideas. It might’ve clicked with you, that every eminent person will always speak about the essence of books in his/her life. Your mind, therefore, is an empty vessel, poised to be filled up with creative and unique ideas. And that comes only with reading a book. Without any book reading habit, your mind is as good as one of an animal.

Speaking of habits, by the way, our today’s topic is an atomic habit book review. It’s a remarkable book, written by James Clear, an outstanding self-help book writer.

To be honest with you, I’ve never read anything like that in my entire life. So simple, yet needed. This book deals with all kinds of problems a person has or will ever face. Say, for example, you might have a problem of procrastination, or wasting time, or just can’t get out of your current curriculum to enjoy new things in your life.

The book itself surrounds itself with the idea, that two persons, both with the same goals but one failure and one successful, will always have twenty-four hours in a day. The difference lies in a fact that how they manage their twenty-four hours. More so, how to persistent they’re in their commitment to the process of reaching the goal.

About Author

Source: readitforward.com

James Clear is an eminent author of this book. He is the creator of jamesclear.com and a popular weekly newsletter called 3-2-1. He also speaks at various events and his clients has a list of famous companies and organizations like Cisco, General Electric, Honda, Intel, LinkedIn, Lululemon, McKinsey & Company, Merrill Lynch, and many more. Also he is a weightlifter and a former athlete.

Book in brief

The book describes four-rule habit-making (good or bad, doesn’t matter) strategy; make it obvious, make it attractive, make it easy, and make it satisfying. More so, this book is all about this strategy.

As you go through this book, you come to realize the deficiencies in you (laziness my personal). But the silver lining is, this allows you to improve your weak points, see for yourself what cues are there that trigger your habit. The thought might penetrate your mind that “Hey I know this already, why should I waste my money on this?”. True, we all are taught these “good habits” in our lives. But how many times we ever think about them or use them in our lives. One argument goes, “Yeah yeah, I know that already, but I just don’t have time for these good-good things”. Another goes, “It just won’t work for me, trust me.”. These are all legit points, but only up to a certain level. One simply shouldn’t say to himself that “I don’t have time to live happily.”.

This book also deals with certain activities that one should do daily which strengthen your resolve to reach higher goals. Rome wasn’t built in a day, right? Likewise, we should categorize our final goals as long-term and in-between them, we should build our own goals that make us feel refreshed and strengthen our commitment to our final goal. All in all, these goals should be according to our level, which might be challenging and at the same time enjoyable. If you want to be a tennis player, but play your first-ever match with Serena William, you might want to get out of that place as quickly as possible. That is the idea of this entire book: challenge yourself daily to grow your skill.

Four rules

The first rule is to make it obvious. To give you an example, your chances of doing exercise become 90% higher if exercise equipment is visible to you when you wake up rather than keeping them safe in drawers.

The second rule is to make it attractive. Simply put, you won’t read a book if you see its cover as old-style and have poor quality pages. On the other hand, you will definitely go for one that comes with a dust jacket, has a classic design, and paper quality is up to the mark (see the irony? “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”).

The third rule is to make it easy. To give you an example, if you’re going to build a habit of book reading, reading something like Plato’s the republic or Homer’s Odyssey won’t do much good and eventually, you’ll put the book where it belongs, the library. But reading something as easy as Alchemist or Sherlock Holmes or even Dan Brown will boost your interest and will encourage you to do more.

The fourth rule is already discussed previously but to exemplify it, reading a book with great zeal and finishing it will give a small amount of satisfaction and will make it rewarding.

Why This Book?

This book really has enormous potential to hone your skills and change your daily life. The only condition is to be open-minded when you read this book. Over two million copies are sold to this day. Thus, it goes without saying that the book has something in it. Here are some of the responses by those who read it.

“A supremely practical and useful book.”

Mark Manson, author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

“A special book that will change how you approach your day and life your life.”

Ryan Holiday, author of The Obstacle is the way

For me, it changed everything. Rather than wasting time on trivial issues; eating recklessly, phone overdose, video-game-is-life kind of attitude, it made me rethink my entire existence. So much so that I made added it to my daily ritual to do many things myself, no matter how small. As William McRaven, US Navy Admiral says “If you want to change the world, start by making your bed.” And that really is true. Making a bed may not seem like an exaggerating accomplishment, but it does encourage you to push harder.

So that was all about this book. Try this book yourself. Write down your own experiences in the comment section. Also, feel free to ask any questions.

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