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Best VPN Apps For Kashmir


Hello guys, If you looking for an internet solution in Kashmir then you will be glad to know that this is the best place to get it.

So, here you will find “ Best VPN Apps For Kashmir “.As you guys are well aware of the fact that you can’t search for any facts in any of the search engines.

So read my entire article…Since, the treaty signed between America and the Taliban’s militants, the Indian government seemed worried about if Kashmir could become the next target by the Taliban’s militants.

Thus, revoking article 370, and taking it under center control is an appreciable step by the government to protect its territory.But the internet shut down not considered as an ideal means to deal with the outrageous situation as the internet defines a new way of living.

So here are some best of the VPNs that you can use in the valley…(note- don’t use these VPNs to deal with any unsocial event)

What is VPN?

VPN- Virtual Private Network VPNs essentially forward all of your network traffic to the network, which is where the benefits like

  • make a secure connection
  • browsing activity from prying eyes on public Wi-Fi
  • access region-restricted websites
  • accessing local network resources remotely
  • bypassing Internet censorship
  • Bypass geographic restrictions on websites
  • Watch streaming media
  • Protect yourself from snooping on untrustworthy Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Gain at least some anonymity online by hiding your true location
  • Protect from logged while torrenting
  • Military-grade encryption to protect you from prying eyes of the government
  • Mobile apps and support for Amazon Firestick devices
  • Servers that will perform well in Kashmir and the region on speed tests
  • The strict no-logs policy offered by the provider

Why you need the Best VPN Apps For Kashmir?

Kashmir: Heaven with no internet
Kashmir: Heaven with no internet

you may be thinking right now – “for a reason we visited here and that reason you are going to define?”Well, you know “Why you need the best VPNs for Kashmir?”.

But here I want to empathize on -“Why BEST”.1000s of VPN in the market and most of them not capable in the list and recently Indian Government made it from “most of them” to “all of them”.

Side to this, the government mentioned that, impossible to ban all VPN services since they are so many. So some VPN services may exist (-_-)…feel free to smile. So here is the list of Good VPNs in Kashmir —>

List of Best VPN Apps For Kashmir

Best VPN doesn’t only mean that they should be working, it also means that there should be no privacy concern related and privacy should be maintained.So here are some most recommended VPNs for kashmir.


Best VPN Apps For Kashmir
psiphon VPN

So here, number one ranked VPN (i.e: Psiphon), you may be thinking why? here is your answer: Psiphon, designed to support users in countries considered “enemies of the Internet”.

The codebase developed and maintained by Psiphon, Inc.which operates systems and technologies designed to help Internet users securely bypass the content-filtering systems employed by governments to impose censorship of the web.have you ever read an interesting history? if no click here to know about the rise of Xiaomi

Features Best VPNs for Kashmir: Psiphon

  • centrally managed
  • the geographically diverse network
  • thousands of proxy servers
  • employing a performance-oriented
  • single and multi-hop architecture

Best VPNs for Kashmir: ExpressVPN

Coming to number 2nd in our Best VPN Apps For Kashmir, ExpressVPN is a top-notch VPN app with a good track of maintaining privacy!.

They maintain a no-log policy, which has been checked over the years through high-profile legal requests.

The ExpressVPN network has thousands of servers in key locations outside us to assist protect the privacy of users.

To guard your privacy, unblock censorship and see your favorite streaming services from anywhere, you’ll hook up with their VPN network.

The ExpressVPN app allows you to pick the situation of a server right down to the town but you do not get to select a selected server.

The client will pick the fastest server in your selected venue, instead.see also a list of best QR code scanners

Features best VPNs for kashmir: ExpressVPN

  • 160 locations across 94 countries
  • Good performance from most servers
  • Clients for almost everything
  • Excellent support
  • fast VPN access with MediaStreamer
  • Smart DNS service to unblock access to geo-restricted content
  • unblock live sporting events
  • help encrypt your connection
  • even find a list of the latest live entertainment(in their website)
  • a very large VPN network
  • support for a good range of devices
  • connect up to 3 connections

ExpressVPN provides custom Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android VPN applications.

Must even be aware that some cities not shown inside the client on the recommended tab.You can also install the Chrome web extension ExpressVPN.

need a single VPN account to guard your entire home network? If so, you’ll set it up using the ExpressVPN Router app. Adds smart DNS support to devices– game consoles (PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, etc.), media boxes (Apple TV, Roku, Nvidia Shield TV, etc.), and smart TVs.review https://www.techradar.com/in/reviews/expressvpn

Best VPNs for Kashmir: NordVPN


NordVPN, a private service provider for a virtual private network (VPN). based in Panama, as the country has no mandatory data retention laws and not involved in the Five Eyes or Fourteen Eyes alliances.

Channels internet traffic for all users to a foreign server operating the program, covering the IP address and encrypting both incoming and outgoing data.

The service also provides servers for various uses, including P2P networking, double encryption, and access to the Tor anonymity network, additionally to general-use VPN servers.

About NordLynx:

NordVPN launched NordLynx in July 2019, a contemporary VPN platform focused on the advanced WireGuard protocol that seeks improved efficiency than the IPsec and OpenVPN tunneling protocols.

NordLynx is accessible to Linux users and achieves “speed increases of many MB / s in some circumstances,” consistent with research performed by the Wired UK.

Features of Best VPNs for Kashmir: NordVPN

  • no-log policy
  • utilizes OpenVPN and Internet Key Exchange v2/IPsec technology
  • connect up to 6 devices
  • used L2TP/IPSec and Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) connections for routers
  • has desktop applications for Windows, macOS, and Linux
  • mobile apps for Android and iOS and Android TV app
  • encrypted proxy extensions for Chrome and Firefox browsers

NordVPN declared a phased implementation of the NordLynx protocol, based in WireGuard, on all its platforms in April 2020.

The broader rollout, followed by a minimum of 256,886 experiments in 19 cities and eight continents, which involved 47 virtual machines on nine separate providers.

The results demonstrated faster average download and upload rates than OpenVPN and IKEv2 respectively. ever wondered whats difference between SSD and HDD



Features of Best VPNs for Kashmir: Surfshark

  • Privacy geeks-protects all your data & makes sure not exposed when you go online.
  • It’s fast, secure, and works best for long-distance connections.
  • Security devotees-Industry-leading AES-256-GCM encryption
  • Human rights activists-Hide your identity, bypass censorship
  • Sports zealots-Stream your favorite games from anywhere
  • Travelers -When you travel, public Wi-Fi is a necessity, security!
  • Avid gamers -Enjoy games before they are available where you are, get better prices, and play with your ex-pat friends on the same servers with a VPN.
  • Movie & TV show fans -Connect to a VPN server in a different country to enjoy libraries streaming services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney Plus, and many others.
  • Torrenting enthusiasts -To prevent threatening letters from your ISP when you torrent, simply connect to a VPN and enjoy P2P sharing privately.
  • Mobile users -Save mobile internet data and make your connection faster with CleanWeb that blocks ads before they can load and slow you down.

working of Surfshark

  • DNS request– The first step is making a DNS request. That’s how you get the IP address of a VPN server
  • Secret keys– At this point, secret keys built. Your VPN will need them in the next steps
  • Secure channel– A secure channel created
  • Data encryption– VPN protocols help encrypt your data that will use the 
  • OpenVPN– It is an open-source VPN protocol
  • IKEv2– Is another fast and secure VPN protocol. It works best in shorter distance connections
  • IPSec– security protocol ( enables encryption), used in combination with outdated tunneling protocols such as LT2P
  • Transport Layer Security– SSL/TLS used very commonly
  • Secure Shell (SSH) VPN– tunneling protocol used to connect from one VPN server to another
  • Wireguard– Is a new communication protocol

why to use Surfshark?

  • Without VPN, exposed to real online threats
  • Hacking– Data thieves look for unprotected devices, and those that do not use encryption are easy targets
  • Malware & phishing– These types of attacks are common, and it’s difficult to avoid them without protection
  • Identity theft– don’t use security software, you might end up getting your login credentials stolen
  • Ad manipulation– It is easy for advertisers to influence your behavior if you expose all your browsing habits
  • ISP tracking– Without a VPN, your internet provider can collect & sell your data to advertisers
  • Price discrimination– Online businesses might show you higher prices if they see you are in a more affluent city

Cyber Ghost

CyberGhost VPN, an online anonymization service operated in Bucharest, Romania by CyberGhost SA.

The service supported by in-house app clients for-Linux, Android, Mac OS, and iOS, or via native VPN protocols like IPSec, L2TP / IPSec, PPTP, or OpenVPNused as an option

Features of Cyber Ghost

  • CyberGhost VPN is build up a secure virtual network secured.
  • The buyer logs into the VPN network using the precise IP address given to him by his provider
  • Provides anonymization domain key, such the chosen VPN domain is the username for the websites accessed by the buyer subsequently.
  • service server is encrypted with AES 256 bit.
  • preserve anonymity and to defend from hacking
  • Security is concentrated upon the user’s IP address exchange
  • web is anonymized

Servers for anonymization are located in Western and Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, Canada, South America, and therefore us . This provides consumers with links to domains and knowledge that are limited by regional requirements (see also geo-targeting).

The supplier operates its own name Server (DNS). Regional sensors shouldn’t be during a position to access these service provider servers.

Best VPN Apps For Kashmir: Summary

summarizing above contect we get shortlisted best VPNs for kashmir list:

  1. Psiphon
  2. ExpressVPN
  3. NordVPN
  4. Surfshark
  5. Cyber Ghost

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