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Micromax History: the journey of Rising and Fall

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Hello guys, let’s begin our journey of Micromax History

Firstly, before you move on, ask: Is there any Indian Smartphone Manufacturer you know?.’

You will surely learn all about this here just read the whole article.

Micromax, the only Indian originated company known for appreciable success in Indian manufacturer smartphone Market.

As India brings its focus on “आत्मनिर्भर भारत /  aatm nirbhar Bharat / self-dependent India”.It’s important to know how Micromax history played an important role in making swadeshi Smartphones.

And sets an example for the upcoming Indian generation, it’s not that much hard to compete for foreign products in Indian Market.

SO, here comes the beginning of new era…

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What is Micromax?

micromax logo fact
micromax logo fact:Micromax history:

Micromax Informatics is that the 10th biggest smartphone manufacturer within the world and one among Indian ‘s top consumers of electronics.

Championed digital development in India during the last decade by providing creative and cheap approaches, and by eliminating hurdles to the broader usage of recent technologies.

Once it was the second-biggest mobile firm in India. Micromax may be a company at the core of children who enjoy life and strength through its vibrations.

Network & Service

The Indian brand reaches the world’s frontier with sales in India and a worldwide presence in Russia and SAARC with innovative products that challenge the established order.


They have a very strong and clear mission i.e:

  • Strong, engaged customer communities
  • Insightful analytics
  • Win-win partnerships
  • World-class capabilities

Core Values

  • Customer-first: putting the customer first when making decisions
    We don’t invest in things that don’t matter to customers
  • Entrepreneurship: Identifying opportunities, being nimble, passionate and taking risks
  • Inclusiveness: Being respectful, collaborative and embracing diversity
  • Execution: Managing by facts, cross-functional working, end-to-end ownership, and speed / timely action
  • Innovation: Creative disruption, learning, and embracing change
    in all dimensions of business

Micromax History: Overview

Micromax all over the world
all over the world

In 2000, Mohit Sharma, Dewas, and Rohit Patel,  Nagora established  Micromax Informatics Ltd. It began to plug handheld apps in 2008, with a view in democratizing consumer media to deal with foreign companies.

Furthermore, the organization also launched a revolutionary telephone (budget and flagship both). 

As an example, Rahul Sharma co-founder saw once a public telephone company operated by a truck battery thanks to regular electricity cuts in its village (soon you will get to know about this story in brief).

This guided and motivated him to launch an extended battery life telephone.

And Furthermore led him to launch an extended battery life mobile. This was Micromax ‘X1i handset, the primary with A battery backup that lasted for a month. 

Sales of Micromax in India in 2014 was above Samsung’s. Furthermore, become the foremost successful, mobile telephone producer!

Sales of Micromax in India in 2014 were above Samsung‘s and that’s where Micromax history stands. it’s now the telephone manufacturer who has sold the majority of smartphones in India during a quarter.

Subsequently, it became the primary mobile Indian company to sold in Russia on 24 January 2014.

Micromax History: Journey Begins!

launch event
Micromax launch event

you guys must be aware of Micromax history but don’t know about how’s the journey was?… Therefore, Journey Explained! here

Founders: Rajesh Agarwal, Vikas Jain, Rahul Sharma, and Sumeet Kumar

Within two years, Micromax became one of the country’s largest smartphone distributors. While so much said about the road to success of Micromax, not much said about the journey.

Micromax ideology since its inception has been plain and very simple, to the best they can, and to never rehearse. 

Fresh from college and excitement. Founders realized the year 1999  was time to capitalize on the dot.com spike which took place on the country stage. 

They could think only about software and about how with the technological boom the future will shift! 


The pioneers of the idea of Fixed wireless terminals from Finnish executive of the mobile industry. Who began as a minor M2 M participant for Nokia (with a collaboration with Micromax Software), launched.

They all began supplying this technology and shortly M2 M became the world’s second-largest business!

Yet Nokia quickly sold the business and left Sharma and Co. in a mess.
Very soon they noticed that the main game-changer wont to build apps, not to supply equipment or to figure with payphones.

Micromax history: Success Path!

smartphone Back cover
Micromax Back cover

Around 100 to 120 million telephones sold per annum in India, 80 million telephones manufactured and 27,000 crores priced.

As a result, Micromax grew its share of the business in two years from 0.59% in 2008 to just about 5% in 2010.

you must be thinking How Micromax history can claim to take over the dominated world of Bigger companies?… Answer to this could be there product price and its value and to clarify this read below (-_-).

Of example, it’s special altogether respects! The philosophy of the business was to acknowledge certain facets of culture.

On the other hand, Through offering goods that suit the agricultural consumer’s desires, Micromax split from the regulations.

Primary telecommunications service to launch various groundbreaking items like:

  • 30-day battery-backed handsets
  • dual SIM
  • dual standby
  • network-to-CDMA (GSM) systems
  • QWERTY keypads
  • mobile remote controls

Over the years, Micromax has been the one-stop buy the usage of smartphones by the various strata of society.

Most Micromax phones boast of this functionality albeit their rivals are struggling to satisfy their speed.

Micromax History: Who’s Rahul?

Rahul sharma CEO
Rahul sharma Co founder of Micromax Mobiles

Rahul… Naam toh suna he hoga, but wait, this not what Micromax history told Us. So who is he? Let’s have a look…

Rahul co-founded Micromax Informatics Limited in 2000. and currently serves as its Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of Product Strategy and Channel Sales since 1 April 2007. So here some other about it:


Rahul holds bachelor’s degrees in commerce (B.Com.) and mechanical engineering from University of Saskatchewan, as well as attended the Owner/President Management (OPM) program at Harvard Business School.

Personal life

Actress Asin and Rahul sharma
Actress Asin and Rahul sharma

Rahul Sharma is married to actress Asin Thottumkal. They have a daughter named Arin Sharma.


  • DataQuest declared Rahul Sharma as the IT Person of the Year 2016.
  • Won the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ award at the Hello Hall of Fame event in Mumbai, in 2016.
  • In 2017, the “Hindustan Times Game Changer” Awards for making an extraordinary contribution to society and setting precedents in the field.

Micromax : History in the making

Rahul sharma team a big role in making micromax history
Rahul sharma team

Micromax is probably now championing customers changing desires within the mobile market, but nothing has been known regarding the amusing journey of its creator into a company level.

“The period we started off in 1999 was young and really new”

“It was about the time of the dot-com bubble and it had been software that I’d conceive about – actually, the corporate initially was named ‘Micromax Software'”

Rahul Sharma, a co-founder, and MD of the smartphone maker reception.

“There was a thick-scale airline employee who wanted to ask why I chose windows over the lane. What I could see from his voice was a” space, “he said, keeping the TiEcon Delhi crowd isolated by Windows 2000.” “Everything i’d consider was software during that point ,”

Rahul Sharma said that time a visit back to New Orleans to go to the US at a business conference

Call for the Project!

As Rahul Sharma started modestly with Nokia as a partner to M2 M (under Micromax Software) and introduced to a Finnish mobile executive’s concept of fixed terminals.

Soon payphones for SIM cards in places without a connection visited India. This was achieved

“It improves consumer access to one SIM card mostly employed by several users,”

“We began delivering it everywhere and it took the M2 M company to the world’s second-largest place,”

Rahul sharma

But Nokia sold off this business early, but Sharma still sucked up. 

“We started by creating branded devices in Micromax and deploying them on the Vaishno Devi payphones,”

 “We thought deeply that everywhere else in the world might operate if payphones should operate there.” 

 Certainly, After a comprehensive reply, the corporate signed agreements with telecom operators throughout India taking annual sales of Rs10cro to Rs100.

However, one of the most exciting stories inspired the company to use its Software in the production and sale of mobile telephones.

The Battery-truck story

As promised earlier that you will get to know all about this story…

“I encountered a PCO in a town in Bengal where I was told there was no electricity on my way back from the Bangladesh border on a work tour,”  

“The PCO receives signals from a large antenna that has been installed and driven by a truck battery,” 

Rahul sharma

After that Sharma was fascinated by this. For instance, “How did the community charge a battery with no electricity supply? “

“I sampled a little and met a guy who claimed that he was making Rs 3000 every night…”

“…by moving a battery to another village 11 km away. Charging it  overnight!.”

“I returned and asked my co-founders to interrupt into the Indian mobile telephony market; my proposal was obviously initially greeted with an excellent deal of cynicism by giants including Samsung, Nokia, LG, and Motorola.”

rahul sharma

Meanwhile, Sharma felt it might be time to introduce an honest battery-life telephone .

But they continued and made a group of 10,000 mobile phones.

Above all, with a lifetime of about three days within the battery so as to see the water.

“But from there the important problem began,” Sharma sighed.

Dual Sim role in Micromax history

Sharma says that it is important to identify various market gaps and only create phones to fill those gaps. He shared another story, encouraging one that rapidly became popular across all of India ‘s mobile budgets-dual SIM.

“At the time, my cook used three SIM cards. The common impression was that only rich people thought they wanted many SIM cards,”  

“When I asked him why he wanted three of them, he told me that the first was for contact in his community, the second was to meet family members back in his community. He kept on to the third as it was free to join, so he declined to throw it off”

rahul sharma

That resulted in Micromax employing a single band to manage costs for dual SIM.

The corporate has also innovated and introduced other innovations, for instance affordable Swarovski crystal-lined telephones just for girls

And after that Bluetooth phones, and this was enough to show their determination in market.

And the designer will explain customer behavior in a really fascinating way.

“Every once during a while, I buy into the garb of a salesman in one among our shops and cell phones,”

“During one of these exercises, I met a person who was a painter by profession.”

“He wanted to understand if we had a phone with a feature that records calls within a budget of Rs 3000.”

” He wanted to be ready to record conversations with clients who more often than not, went back on their promise and refuse to pay him the quantity prescribed. “

“What he told me, albeit amusing, was insightful nevertheless. And features like that would easily be added with a little software upgrade at no marginal cost to the corporate. We later went on to sell many those phones,”

Rahul sharma

Take it off

“It is natural to seem at and follow their road map, but that’s a trap,”

“The pricing wars will never be won alone. Rather, differentiation may be a must, and it’s important to innovate by identifying market gaps,”

“seek who will purchase our telephone then work our way around the rest,”

rahul sharma

He features a string of ideas on his fingertips for the subsequent wave of innovation for Micromax.

“We would like to create phones which will kill mosquitoes or ones that enable vegetable vendors to illuminate their cart without the utilization of cumbersome lamps,”

“With phones being one among the few things that you simply carry with you everywhere, gaps are aplenty and there’s still tons of room for disruption during this market,”

Rahul sharma

Rise of Micromax

Rise Up of startup Begins and micromax history
Rise Up of Micromax Begins

Micromax was then moved to Airtel to develop pay telephones in Jammu and Kashmir, a huge move by the Micromax.

Before spreading to other parts of India, with 250,000 devices a year reaching its height in 2007.

Sharma clarified that at this era the founders were checking out Micromax’s next big thing, and the solution was smartphones.

“In the start of the 2010s, we were rising very high,”

“We only competed with global brands, and Rahul was keen to review and study China as a world model.”

An Employee from Micromax

“He spent in R&D to elucidate why the share of their business was dropping at Nokia and Blackberry,”

“Yet it seemed a touch different during a couple of years, OnePlus was starting to begin and Xiaomi was selling light.”

An employee from Micromax

In short, Micromax was close to becoming the prey to the type of obsolescence Nokia had been suffering.

“There’s improvement in the telecommunications sector every three years. In 2009, smartphones began their arrival in the region, “

Anuj sharma marketing manager at Xiaomi India

Nokia has not historically anticipated this Segment as the unquestioned pioneer in mobile phones.

 But as a result, many Indian companies have seen low-cost smartphones as an excellent chance by 2012. 

“The Indian brands were bigger by 2012, and almost half of the market were Indian brands at that time.”

Anuj sharma marketing manager at Xiaomi India


However on the other hand, Micromax too was involved in many controversies few of them are as-

Patent litigation and Ericsson

Ericsson, the world’s biggest mobile network service company, has sued Micromax for a violation of its manufactured smartphone.

In short, Ericsson tries to say that mobile phones from Micromax breach its important standard patents (SEPs) on mobile technology, namely 3 G and EDGE.

In late 2014, New Delhi high court ruled that sales of the OnePlus One smartphone was banned in India because Cyanogen OS signed an exclusive deal to sell Micromax mobile telephones only in India, although One Plus One had a worldwide licensing deal. this alteration was seen as a monopoly to curb the selling of 1 Plus One and other smartphone brands. Nevertheless, the judicature lifted the ban, enabling OnePlus One to be marketed in India because the licensing deals with Cyanogen are special for both parties.

Installation of adware

In the early years of 2015, a Reddit user noticed adware stealthily downloading without permission on its Micromax A093 Canvas Fire device. Excess smartphone resources including info, memory capacity and battery life also were employed by the adware. Further XDA work showed that Adups, an AdPush corporation headquartered in China, was making the ads

Fall of Micromax

Airtel began investing in 4G technology in 2015. 4G cellular telephone networking is incompatible with the older 3G compatible telephones, Sharma says.

But many Indian telephone companies were not too worried that the technology would be deployed across the country for a while. 

The double whammy reached Micromax a year later, in 2016: Jio and Demonetisierung. 

“The first thing that happened was to almost immediately move from 3 G to 4 G thanks to our big brother in Mumbai,” 

Rahul sharma in 2017

Referring to the launch in September of the Reliance Jio explosive ride. “That is 2016 struck us. However, we are.

But the organization was preparing for an additional frustrating shock in November 2016.

Reacting to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s perplexing move to demonetize the Indian Economy, scraping up Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes overnight,

“Delhi’s big brother then declared demonization, so we realized we couldn’t start immediately.”

“We waited for the proper time to launch, and in February we started things.”

Rahul sharma on Demonetization

Micromax can pay a high price for this split from September 2016 to February 2017.

Microsoft History: Jio Effect

jio effect in fall of company
jio effect on micromax

“Jio ‘s arrival was unforgettable from the Indian brands. watching the transition from 2 G to three G, the new technology took an extended time. But Jio came with unrestricted 4 G data and every one of them suddenly began to use it, “

“Overnight, Micromax features a large stock of 3G phones, which nobody wanted”

“It had been common practice for the corporate to use the revenues from selling one batch of phones, to order and procure subsequent batch.”

“Everyone has had to shop for an enormous amount, then a huge range of three G phones that they couldn’t sell in India are stuck,”

“They bought one package, sold it, and used the money to shop for the subsequent package.”

consultant working with smartphone makers within the Indian market

Micromax couldn’t create its own mobile phones and its Chinese distributors could only customize their products if ordered in vast quantities.

“You will begin at a minimum order quantity (MOQ) – say I would like no single SIM but double SIM – they’re getting to roll in the hay in order that they ‘re getting to take a [at least] 500,000 unit order, so they go to try to that in one shipment,”

“That’s a huge issue with production.”

Anuj sharma marketing manager at Xiaomi India

As Micromax retreated from the market to regroup and draw down its inventory, a host of Chinese manufacturers flooded the market with 4G ready phones. 

What Rahul Sharma added

“The launch of Jio was a huge hockey-stick moment for us,”

“When Jio came in and said it’s 4G, and it’s free, the market went bonkers.”

“The launch of Jio was a huge hockey-stick moment for us,”

“When Jio came in and said it’s 4G, and it’s free, the market went bonkers.”

“Our portfolio was already ready,” he continued. “We already had a portfolio of devices which were high in demand, which also supported everything that Jio wanted. So it became a perfect setting for us.”

rahul sharma

Sharma added, using a business term meaning a point of explosive growth.

The direct entry into of Chinese phones upended Micromax’s business model.

“The whole smartphone industry took off in the cheaper category, and it was going well,”

“Take the Chinese handset parts, and assemble the parts. But once the Chinese players came to India, it dropped out instantly. The Chinese companies could do the same thing, and remove the middleman — the Indian brands.”

Meenakshi Tiwari, An Analyst with Forrester Research

Micromax history: End of an era

In the retrospect, the collapse of Micromax appears almost inevitable .

It had been only a matter of your time before factories in China saturated and sought to sell the subsequent major markets.

Further, given the lack of Prime Minister Modi to form India’s agenda.

India’s complete absence of an area manufacturing environment has rendered the country a mature goal.

“Made never flourished in India since no maker, assembler, maker in India. Customers from India have indicated that they need the most cost-effective commodity and, albeit the ecology of output is improved in India, there are not any ecosystems here compared to China, “

Meenakshi Tiwari, An Analyst with Forrester Research

“That point is reached after decades of investment, once you check out Japan or China, so you cannot expect it overnight,”

“Xiaomi now had seven facilities in India for manufacture and assembly.”

Anuj Sharma of Xiaomi

Micromax continues alive, but the corporate is unlikely to recover its once market-leading role.

“People wont to love our goods, but environments didn’t help.” “Unlike in China, the govt has not helped us.”

former workers of Micromax

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