what is OSI Model

What is OSI model in networking?-7 layers Explained full form

OSI Model is a universally available ISO standard that specifies the networking architecture for the protocol implementation in 7 layers. Power is transferred over the channel to the next station from one layer to another, froWhat is OSI model in networking?-7 layers Explained full form

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Unknown facts About Xiaomi History – Shocking!

Xiaomi Corporation is a Chinese electronics company founded in 2010 by Lei Jun with headquarters in Beijing. Xiaomi manufactures and invests in smartphones, mobile apps, laptops, bags, trimmers, earphones, MI TV, shoes, fitness bands and man

What’s better SSD or HDD? -2020

If you have the choice, it might be worth having a smaller SSD for your operating system and apps along with an HDD to store your data. There are also hybrid drives, known as SSHDs, which owe the best of both worlds, the speed of the SSDs and the size of the HDDs on a single disk, and which are worth considering if you don’t have the room for numerous hard drives on your computer.