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Top 10 Best android apps to learn to code for free!

best app to learn to code for free

Top 5 android apps to learn to code for free! Talking of Coding, something that enlightens humanity… Its a tool for life! And being a beginner in learning to code sometimes the issues faced like: don’t have a computer, internet connection, not a good place to use a laptop.

you may be thinking why the hell you told us issues, we are well aware of those. So let’s continue to our journey of Top 5 android apps to learn to code for free!…. I bet that all these are such remarkable apps that you are going to install all these!

Technology, consistently growing, you can just look around and figure out how rapidly tech updates, and thereupon comes new careers and opportunities.

Top 5 android apps to learn to code for free:

android apps to learn to code
android apps to learn to code

Coding may be a major part of that world and often an important skill. does one have the will to find out to code, but unsure where to start out or have the means to travel back to high school books to learn?

So, there are a couple of ways to find out to code sort of pro just by using your phone. So, move on to this and make your phone literally smart by installing these apps!

▌SoloLearn: Learn to Code for Free


SoloLearn app comes with the largest collection of FREE code learning content, become beginner to pro! in weeks. You can choose from many programming topics to learn coding concepts, brush up your programming knowledge, or stay updated wih aligned and latest coding trends.

Most importantly, later on (after completing the course) this app behaves as Cheat-sheet ! so never uninstall it. A reason why its in our android apps to learn to code list!

You will be greeted by the friendliest community of coders and they share their codes too! Also, peer support is an essential part of learning and development.

Fresh learning content is created by the community daily so that you can gain experience from top coders! facilitating efficient and effective coder skill improvement.

Get to join millions of other coders anytime anywhere access to countless coding topics and problems.

You can write and run code in the Sololearn mobile code editor and can be inspired by real-life code samples, and engage in interactive community conversations.

SoloLearn, best for beginners that haven’t prior programming knowledge and need to start out from scratch.

Each and every section is classified by “chapters” that you can simply learn and test on with their code editor.

At the top of every chapter, you’re quizzed on your knowledge (very useful one!) and must receive a passing score to maneuver onto the subsequent chapter.

Works very like a university online course where you can participate in forums with other students and ask questions on belongings you could also be confused about.

There are many different quizzes and activities within the code playground section to stay practicing.

SoloLearn is one among the most important Android apps to find out coding.

Courses on over 900 topics — all for free. counting on your technical proficiency, the app have three learning modes: beginner, intermediate, and advanced — although the latter, in my opinion, lacks depth and fresh insight.

▌EASY CODER: Learn to develop & run java programs

Easy coder
Easy coder

The Easy Coder is an Android app that’s dedicated solely to teaching Java language only.

The software offers immersive tutorials, quizzes, and programming exercises which will show you the elemental principles of programming and train you to further improve your skills.

The teachings are short and concise in order that albeit on the go, you can consume them and therefore the app also comes with practical examples to clarify the programming concepts.

▌Programming Hub: Learn to code

Programming hub
Programming hub

looking to find out multiple coding languages? then this app serves best to you. So, use and master up to 18 languages with the Programing Hub, consistent with the developer.

The app offers complete courses with over 1800 programs and you’ll prefer to learn at your own pace and have the power to access course materials, even offline, anywhere you are that’s the reason we prefer android apps to learn to code for free!

Programming Hub has been called the Editor's Pick software for Google Play, and permanently purpose. 

This embraces a broad sort of language and offers the teachings in immersive lectures and courses of bite duration.

Supported languages include programming in Java , C++, C, HTML , CSS , JavaScript and more.

What’s more, the software was produced together with experts from Google. The app out there to both devices running Android and iOS.

programming Hub is one of Android’s most extensive learning platforms. It offers courses in over 17 languages for programming.

Also, an offline mode to assist developers to practice anywhere — only available for HTML, CSS, and Java courses, unfortunately.

Everything material around schooling well-structured. Since taking a tutorial thereon you have an honest understanding of how every programing language operates.

the appliance GUI is intuitive and straightforward to use.
Strong UX.
Affordable pro subscription.
Compiler inbuilt.
Upon finishing a lesson, you get a virtual credential.

▌Codemurai – Learn Programming


Codemurai offers many bite-sized coding lessons about web development, mobile app, and game development created by industry experts.

The app provides language lessons which include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, TypeScript, Angular 2, MongoDB, Node, Respond, and more.

Using enjoyable coding exercises you’ll practice programming than have the prospect to see your skills with quizzes.

▌Enki: Learn data science, coding, tech skills


Try the Enki app if you would like a customized track which will allow you to enhance your programming skills.

you’ll easily track your progress as you learn Python, Linux, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Java, or Git. the thought that you simply can set everyday targets to find out programming and keep track of your streak is what makes this software so special.

Each lesson offers a summary of the day’s main concept also as an attached article which matches into more detail. Enki is out there for smartphones operating iOS and Ios.

Enki isn’t a platform for people with absolutely no tech background. If you are a pre-intermediate programmer or experienced, this app could also be right for you.

The App would ask you to require a fast questionnaire to assess your degree of technological competence.

This way, you’ll confirm that you simply aren’t learning concepts during which you’re out of your depth.
Enki offers courses on software, web programming, SQL, and blockchain development.
A broad sort of growth, marketing, and fintech courses.
Gui is intuitive.

You can almost consider Enki an equivalent way you’d an exercise app. It provides you with daily workouts, but here you’re leveling up your coding skills rather than burning fat and building muscle.

Simply select your language of choice and therefore the app will keep you on target.

The app supports everyone from beginners to experienced coders. If you’re just beginning , you’ll use the app to find out web technologies before moving on to JavaScript.

It doesn’t just teach you ways to program either. Enki also helps you learn subjects associated with programmings like using the Linux instruction and managing version control with Git.

Enki is liberal to use, but an optional subscription adds premium features like additional workouts. this is often fairly standard among programming apps, but with Enki, you’ll learn plenty without paying a dime.

▌Code Hub


CodeHub is that the best platform if you’re dedicated to quickly and effectively learning to code.

Through course features a total of fifty lessons, and it offers an enormous amount of data so you’ll prefer to take the teachings that you simply feel the foremost confident studying.

The teachings are split into 4 categories, allowing you the chance to select the strengths group in each department so you’ll miss the fundamentals if you’ve got some prior coding experience.

Code Hub is yet one more language-specific app for learning Android. This one especially focuses on HTML and CSS.

The tool covers the development, design, and website management applications of those languages.

All lectures accompany step-by-step explanations, videos, screenshots, and.
CodeHub maybe a bilingual website, accessible in both English and Hindi.

CodeHub may be a modern, simple app that will walk you thru the method of coding. Each course has 50 lessons in total, which makes the training process very attainable.

It gives you an opportunity to divide the teachings the way you would like. Another thing that creates CodeHub great, are the teachings that are divided into 4 levels, so you’ll simply select the category that most closely fits you.

you’ll easily skip the beginner level if you have already got basic knowledge. Also, you’re ready to submit any questions and thoughts by just pressing an easy button.

If your plan is to find out coding within a brief time-frame, plan to complete this process by using CodeHub.

▌Grasshopper: Learn to Code for Free

Grasshopper: Learn to Code for Free
Grasshopper: Learn to Code for Free

The Grasshopper may be a free iOS and Android app that teaches you ways to encode puzzles through JavaScript that you simply got to solve to progress.

This app is extremely user friendly because it allows you to use blocks and arrange them during a logical order to make a working code. You’ll also receive feedback in real-time and unlock achievements as you become more skilled.

▌Mimo: Learn coding in JavaScript, Python and HTML


The Mimo may be a programming app that permits you to develop programming skills to assist you develop an app or a game, make an internet site, or become a hacker.

you will get a tailored route that will offer you the requisite skills supported your tastes and interests.

it’s available for iOS and Android devices and offers JavaScript, Ruby, Swift, C, C++, and other popular language courses.

▌Encode: Learn to Code


Encode is an Android app that offers programming lessons in bite-sized portions. The software has design problems you would like to beat if you would like to form more development.

It also provides concrete explanations and shows you ways to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python programming.

The app even has an offline mode, so you’ll start to find out albeit you are not linked to the web.

This Android app provides a learning environment for beginner developers to master three languages-Python, Java, and HTML.

Although the course range is little, utilizing nothing but the software, you will be ready to go from a novice to an expert developer.

Typically, programmers affect complex tasks by the top of the training program and may write a project from scratch.
Fully personalized interface.
Complete with voice assistants.

Encode is an awesome coding app for beginners. The interactive code editor is powered by JavaScript, one of the world’s hottest programming languages.

Although initially, it’s very basic, it actually provides in-depth insights into coding. A characteristic that creates Encode special is that it starts from the start, so counting on which stage you’re in learning to code, Encode allows you to start out from the start.

Another perk about Encode is that its programming lessons are short. This makes it easier for everybody who wants to find out to code because they will fit the teachings during a busy schedule wherever and whenever.

Moreover, Encode presents advanced options, like coding using languages like JavaScript. Also, the teachings offered by Encode are interactive and therefore the app provides feedback after each lesson.

The sole downside of this app is that it’s only available for Android users.

▌Learn Programming (Web Development)

Learn Programming
Learn Programming

This platform isn’t just a structured course but a database.

That said, I find it a reliable data source and have used it to clear up confusion when mastering a replacement concept of software development.

The device features an extremely intuitive Android GUI and is well-optimized for online use. Developers may use Practice Programming during a built-in software simulator to check their skills.

Learn Programming may be a different app than PH and SL. just like the above two apps, it doesn’t feature individual lessons.

The app flaunts an inventory of functions, data types, keywords, and definitions during a list. At the highest of the list, you’ll find an inquiry box.

You must select an item from the list or enter the term within the search box. once you do so, the app displays the definition and use of the keyword. LP features a sandbox section where you’ll test your programs online.

Users can customize the looks of the Sandbox editor. you’ll save your programs after providing LP permission to save lots of data to the storage memory of your phone.

LP is an offline app. Unlike the above two apps, you don’t need to enable mobile data connection on your phone to use it.

Learn Programming teaches you up to 30 languages. it’s the material design and an inbuilt browser for testing web apps.

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