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Public speculations over WhatsApp privacy policy


WhatsApp privacy policy rumors – As already in news for a week or two, WhatsApp announced their new privacy policy overnight became a heated topic with people all around the country fearing a breach of privacy from tech giant Facebook.

Netizens demanding withdrawing privacy policy and even recommended using alternative apps like Signal. Needless to say, speculations depicted nothing but an act of boondoggling on the netizens’ side.

In addition, just like everything else, this became a hot topic for politicians. Now, amid what’s going on in different circles: debates going on, WhatsApp executives cajoling amid persistent backlash and political spheres continue preaching. But, let’s dig deep into what they don’t understand Whatsapp privacy policy and its impact on the Indian public.

whatsapp icon
WhatsApp icon

Earlier this month, Whatsapp announced its new privacy policy. According to which Whatsapp will share some of the user data to its parent company, Facebook. While this move was viewed by some as a clear breach of trust, it is not what people think. Here’s why:

whatsapp privacy rumors
whatsapp privacy rumors

Breaking The Whatsapp privacy Rumors

Talking of WhatsApp messenger, we can conclude its almost safe as they didn’t make more changes to this version

  • WhatsApp neither be able to see or read encrypted personal messages nor will Facebook.
  • And won’t share your contact with Facebook.
  • Also, cannot see your shared location, nor can Facebook
  • User can set his/her message to disappear.

Furthermore, only things that are changing are related to Whatsapp Business users, even that’s optional. Here’s what’s changing:

Whatsapp Business Privacy policy changes

  • Facebook Hosting Services: the difference between how you’ll talk to your family or friends. And, how you’ll talk to a client or a customer. This is why they give businesses the option to use 
  • Facebook Hosting Services: This is why we’re giving businesses the option to use a secure hosting service from Facebook to manage WhatsApp chats with their customers, answer questions, and send helpful information like purchase receipts. In it, WhatsApp will only share and manage those chats that are labeled with a “business tag.
  • Discovering Business: If a person sees a business ad on Facebook, they will have an option to message them on Whatsapp.

If you have any doubts regarding WhatsApp functioning and data handling, feel free to ask us or you can google it. Click here to know about the fabulous app

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