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Why switch to Linux in 2021 -Everything you need to know!!

why switch to linux in 2021

Why switch to Linux in 2021?? wanna fast, secure, and much more with your PC. So, how’s your PC going ..Hope it’s fine!. Many computer users all around the world prefer Windows as their main operating system.

Almost as large as 88%. The second position goes to macOS with as many as 13% users globally.

And surprisingly, only 2% of people in the world have Linux based operating system! And it was indeed surprising to us at shutter apps because most of us here have some form of Linux distribution on our computers, like Ubuntu, Manjaro, and Fedora.

Believe it or not, Linux’s popularity is growing day-by-day. No doubt, Windows occupied the space for nearly two decades. But now, as technology is growing daily, many businesses and big tech industries are finding Linux more convenient and secure.

On the other hand, Windows is nothing but a gaming box. Today in this article we’ll show why.

History of Linux

Linux history
switch to Linux in 2021- history behind linux

Linux operating system traces its history to UNIX operating system (originally UNICS for UNiplexed Information and Computing System) in the mid-1970s Its founder, Linus Torvalds, while still a student, started developing Linux to create a system similar to MINIX, a UNIX operating system.

Initially, this operating was intended only for computer professionals. But with time, the Linux architecture developed and included GUI in it, which then became more user-friendly.

Its founder intended to keep its software open-sources, meaning you can customize it according to your own taste and usability. That’s the reason to this date, Linux has more than 600 distros.

Even more, because of its easily customizable nature, 96.3% of devices have some form of Linux based distro installed in it, Windows share being only 1.9%.

MERITS – Why switch to Linux in 2021?

Why switch to Linux in 2021
Why switch to Linux in 2021

Merits you ask? To be fair that’ll really require a book to be written. In a nutshell, Linux fills everybody’s cup of tea.

Doesn’t matter whether you’re an IT professional, or a business entrepreneur, or simply a student (not necessarily a computer student), you can always find Linux suitable for you. Hence make it reasonable to “Why switch to Linux in 2021?”

Below are some specific Linux based distros along with their intended purpose:

  • Ubuntu, Manjaro, and Fedora: Specifically for new Linux users for personal use.
  • Kali Linux, ParrotOS, Blackarch, Pentoo Linux: Designed for advanced Linux users and Cyber Security experts with pre-installed pen-testing tools.
  • Fedora, Ubuntu, and Red-Hat enterprise: Mainly used for hosting servers.

Linux distributions suit best with old computers as well. Furthermore, it’s free. Literally, you don’t have to spend a single penny on it. Just download and install.

Well, many people use a pirated versions of Windows, but, to be fair, nobody will give you $199 for free. Almost all of them have some kind of virus in them.

However, the best and most important point of using Linux is that you learn new things. You’d see your computer as not just a gaming machine but a great tool for learning.


Linux not for gamers
Linux not for gamers

No matter how awesome this operating system is, everything in the world has some demerits associated with it! .some won’t find it palatable. And here’s why:

  • Not suitable for gaming: Graphic drivers that get installed in Linux aren’t fully optimized. Since Windows is dominating the show for a time being and Linux is rather new, graphics chipset companies like NVIDIA, Intel, and AMD tend to upgrade only windows drivers (just like old American saying “if ain’t broke don’t fix it).
  • A bit hard to manage: It takes time to get accustomed to Linux. Just like windows command prompt, Linux has a terminal. But unlike the command prompt, the terminal acts as the heart of Linux by which you can easily control your system. It’s not that you can’t work without it, but learning it makes your job easy. So, I’d say it’s worth investing your time in it.

Summarizing – switch to Linux in 2021

On the whole, I’d recommend anyone to give it a try. Even though a student of humanities, I still found it appalling with my personal favorite Ubuntu, a Debian based Linux best suited for personal use.

Feel free to ask anything in the comment section.

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